Additional terms and conditions for rental and booking 

General information sup rental, booking and lessons:

You will get clear instructions where you can and cannot paddle with the board. You are obligated to follow these instructions given to you before entering the water. You are not allowed to take the board, paddle and other rented materialen to other locations than indicated during the instructions. You yourself are repsonsible for your own safety and the persons around you. Please handle the rented equipment with care and make sure you repspect the environment.

Please be aware that you must be able to swim when you want to take part in any of our acitivities. You also need to be in good health, not use alcohol before or during the activities and you must be 18 years of age or older (otherwise bring a person 18+ that takes reposibility for you during the activity).

What can you bring when you go paddling (taking into account the weather)? flip flops, swimwear (put them on at home), sunscreen, cap, a waterproof bag (if you have one), towel, dry clothes, warm sweater or jacket (which can get wet) for colder weather and something to eat / drink on the go. A plastic bag is useful for storing waste and taking things that should not get wet. 

I (sup instructor) usually sup in shorts and a t-shirt in good weather! During warm summer days there are sometimes mosquitoes, so you can bring mosquito repellent or deet. Do you wear glasses? glasses usually don't float. Make sure that they cannot fall off your head with, for example, a cord. If you have choosen for sup rental make sure you have a watch or something to tell time, to be sure you’re back in time.

What do you get from us? a sup (with paddle, fin and leash), a clear and elaborate instruction and above all a nice day!

Important: the weather plays a major role in supping. It may be that there is a thunderstorm, a lot of wind or another unsafe situation shortly before the rental period. The booking can therefore be canceled by Supaholic. You will then receive a refund or a new booking will be made. Cancellations in bad weather can only be done by Supaholic within 24 hours before booking. If this is the case, you will receive a personal message. It is therefore always useful to provide your mobile number when booking!

Before booking please also carefully read the general and rental conditions. When you have booked online you agree with these terms for you and the persons coming with you. We also want you to fill in the online waiver before we can starting the lesson / paddling session. You can read the waiver with this link

Additional rental conditions booking, sup rent, sup trip

we are happy that you want to place an order. However, before you place your order, it is important to read these additional terms and conditions. These general terms and conditions apply to orders with Sup and Paddel as well as the services and products offered by Supaholic. When ordering, you indicate that you have read the general terms and conditions and that you agree with the general terms and conditions.


Article 1
1.1 In addition to the general conditions of 'Sup en Paddel' and 'Supaholic', additional conditions apply to the SUP rental and SUP trips of Supaholic.
1.2 In case of conflict in the general terms and conditions and the rental conditions, the additional rental conditions always apply to SUP rental, SUP lessons and SUP trips
1.3 With the relevant article in the webshop it is clearly stated that these additional rental conditions apply!
1.4 Tenant or participant: the natural person who, as tenant, concludes the agreement and / or takes part in (guided) SUP activity
1.5 Seller or lessor: Supaholic, Sup and paddle both trade names of Smitsie, the entrepreneur in this agreement
1.6 Booking: recorded assignment for SUP rental or SUP trip between tenant and landlord that is established after payment and receipt of the order confirmation
1.7 Rental agreement: agreement between tenant = participant and landlord = supaholic and / or sup and paddle
1.8 Waiver: a written statement in which the participant indicates and has signed knowledge of the livestock rental conditions
1.9 Rented or rented materials: the products made available by the lessor to the tenant, for example stand up paddle board (SUP), paddle, wetsuit, SUP fins and / or other products mentioned on the rental agreement / booking.

Article 2
2.1 Have you ever done stand up paddle before or are you of the opinion that you can do it yourself, you can also choose to go on the water without supervision.
2.2 Clear instructions are given as to where you can and cannot paddle board. You must adhere to the instructions given before entering the water. It is not the intention that you take the SUP anywhere else than the location indicated during the instruction.
2.3 You are responsible for the proper handling of material and the safety of yourself and others around you. We also ask you to respect nature.
2.4 The tenant is expected to declare that, as a tenant and / or for the person (s) for whom he is making this booking:
      - has taken note of the general and additional rental conditions and agrees to them
      - is a good swimmer / is in possession of a swimming certificate
      - in good health
      - has not consumed alcohol and / or drugs on the day of or the day prior to the rental period
      - is over 18 years old
      - if minors are present, take responsibility for them
2.5 If the booking concerns several persons, all persons will be expected to sign the rental conditions / waiver online or on location.
2.6 The tenant grants permission to the seller by signing / agreeing to the rental conditions / waiver to take photos of him / her while performing the SUP activities and to place them on its website and / or social media.

Article 3

3.1 The agreement is entered into between the tenant and the seller
3.2 The offer and prices are stated on the website and/or
3.3 A booking is requested and confirmed through the website and/or in the webshop
3.4 After requesting via the Supaholic website, the tenant will receive an email at the indicated e-mail address with information on how the booking can be made final.
3.5 In the online payment environment of, the rent must be paid in advance. Upon payment, the tenant agrees to the general terms and conditions as well as the general rental conditions
3.6 After the booking has been paid online, the booking is final
3.7 Also when renting on location, the tenant must agree to the Supaholic waiver on which these additional conditions are explained again, the rental price must be paid in advance
3.8 For rent for a longer period (more than 1 day) a deposit can be charged. If the sup is returned in good order and clean, the deposit will be refunded to the account of the tenant within a few working days.
Article 4

4.1 The tenant has the right to cancel the booking within 14 days after booking
4.2 Cancellation is only possible up to 24 hours before the rental / booking date, otherwise the selller will owe the full amount.
4.3 If the tenant wishes to make use of his / her right of withdrawal, he / she must contact us by telephone on 06-42233882 and / or send an email to
4.5 The rent already paid will be refunded to his / her account within 7 days after receipt of the e-mail.

Article 5

5.1 Material will only be provided on presentation of a valid ID.
5.2 On location / upon collection, the waiver must be signed by each tenant (a minor must be accompanied by tenant 18 years or older)
5.3 The tenant is obliged to return all rented materials to the seller at the agreed time.
5.4 If the agreed time is exceeded, the additional rental costs will be passed on to the tenant rounded up to full hours
5.5 The tenant must handle the rented materials with care and use it in accordance with the instructions given by the seller
5.6 The tenant never leaves rented materials unattended and is not authorized to lend the rented materials to a third party.
5.7 The tenant must return the rented materials to the lessor undamaged. Any damage and / or loss of rented materials will be passed on directly to the tenant and must be paid immediately.
5.8 Rented equipment must be returned clean. If this is not the case, 25 euros cleaning costs will be deducted from the deposit.
5.9. For the rental of inflatable sup and other materials, the “INFLATABLE SUP RENTAL - conditions” form must be signed by the tenant, which clearly states what the tenant has rented, the condition of the materials and any costs. by tenant in case of damage to the rented sup and associated materials.
5.10 The tenant must ensure a proper liability insurance. If the tenant does not have third-party liability insurance, he must indicate this in advance and the lessor is entitled to cancel the booking without refund of the costs already made.
5.11 The lessor can cancel the booking at any time due to unforeseen circumstances (weather, safety or other) and propose a new booking date or refund the rental amount to the tenant. No claim can be made for reimbursement of costs incurred by the tenant as a result of the cancellation.

Article 6

6.1 The lessor is not liable for damage that the tenant suffers as a result of the use of the rented materials, unless there is intent and / or recklessness on the part of the lessor.
6.2 The lessor is not liable for damage suffered by third parties as a result of the use by the tenant and / or third parties to whom the tenant has made the rented materials available.
6.3 If the lessor is liable, its liability is limited to a maximum of the amount that its insurance pays it out.

If there are any uncertainties in this text or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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